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Join us this Saturday as Biodiversity and Climate 
Action Committee - Niagara, and 50by30Niagara rally 
in front of Sam Oosterhoff's office.  tell him and 
the Ford government that we need to phase out methane 
gas, NOT expand the gas grid!
To paraphrase the leader of His Majesty's Opposition: 
Wave the Signs! Chant the Chants!...  See more

The Ontario Energy Board doesn't trust 
Enbridge's business model or case for 
expanding their gas network, and so wants 
them to pay the full cost of connection up 
front. The Provincial Energy Minister wants 
to reverse the OEB decision, allowing 
Enbridge to spread the cost out over 40 years. 

Support the OEB and sign the petition below. 
Once we get enough signatures we should be 
able to turn this into a province-wide campaign, 
so please like and share this petition as 
far and wide as you can.

 50by30 Niagara acknowledges that the land on which we 
gather is the traditional territory of the Haudensaunee 
(Hoe-den-no-SHOW-nee) and the Anishnaabeg (Ah-nish-ih-NAH-bey). 
This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties, within the 
lands protected by the "Dish with One Spoon" wampum agreement. 
The Canadian Encyclopedia In the spirit of reconciliation and the 
agreement above, 50by30 Niagara aims to strengthen relationships 
with indigenous peoples in Niagara by supporting and promoting
indigenous led organisations and working towards a mutually 
beneficial, equitable and sustainable future.
To learn more about how you can help support indiginous communities 
in Niagara please visit these sites: 
For information about advocacy and social action for indigenous peoples in Niagara: hnhbhealthline

For information on how to help indigenous communities in Canada TheNorthAid

Are you concerned about climate change? Feel as though there is little we can do about it? If so, you will be glad to hear that there is a lot, that you can do as an individual and a member of your municipality.

50by30Niagara aims to see the Niagara Region and its twelve municipalities reduce emissions 50% by 2030, on our way to eliminating emissions by 2050.

Municipal emissions come primarily from buildings, transportation, municipal waste, agriculture, and industry (With approximately 80% coming just from buildings and transportation).

Municipalities and individuals can eliminate emissions from buildings by: * Connecting homeowners with energy retrofits. * Connecting buildings to fossil fuel free energy sources.

Emissions can be eliminated from vehicles by: * Designing walkable communities. * Increasing opportunities for public transit. * Switching to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our mailing address is: 50by30niagara@gmail.com

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